Monthly Archives: August 2021

High Quality ABS Plastic. Size: 21″ Long x 5.5″ Deep x 16 Wide. Contains Upper and lower cushions. Details as picture showed. Material: High quality steel material made. These streamlined mounts receive all sizes H-D Tour-Pak for mounting on OEM backrest attachment mounts(53803-06), eliminating the bulky rear docking hardware Kit (53804-06). Not including installation instruction…. Read Article →

Condition: Aftermarket 100% Brand New. Trunk Material: High Quality ABS Plastic. Luggage Rack Material: Metal. Backrest Material: Leather+Foam +Iron. Luggage Rack Mount Material: Steel. Luggage Rack Color: Chrome. Trunk Dimensions: 20″ Long x 13.7″ Deep x 25.7 Wide. Backrest Dimensions: 22″ Long x 25.8″ Wide. Luggage Rack Dimensions: 20.3″ Long x 14″ Wide. 1 Require… Read Article →

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